We provide a life-saving service across the United States of America, with the mission of providing peace of mind to you and your loved ones. With an alert alarm in place there is no need to worry about the instant aftermath of a fall. With Direct Medical Alert there will always be somebody on-hand, ready to reassure and send help your way!

We offer all of our alarm users the highest quality of service and work throughout the year to ensure help is always available. Our alarms include the very latest in Telehealth technology and have been designed with comfort and usability in mind. Within a few short moments, our alert systems can be installed and set-up by the alarm user or a loved one.

Simplicity and speed are two of the most important factors in the Medical Alert sector, and we believe we'll be the best at both! Shipping of our alarms will be fast, with both next day and two-day delivery options available (depending on your State of residence). The alarm will be installed within minutes and the Care Team will respond within a few seconds once you've pressed the help button.

With Direct Medical Alert, you'll be able to live without any worries or concerns. Help will be available 24/7, 365 days of the year!

Why choose us

Order your Medical Alert Alarm

If you're interested in ordering a Medical Alert Alarm, please fill out our form here and one of our customer service team will be in touch. All alarms will include the hub unit and the Medical Alert Bracelet. Once everything has been installed and set-up, you'll be monitored by our 24/7 Care Team. If you need their assistance, day or night, you will simply need to press the help button on your device.

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